December 13th, 2015, 11:44 pm


New Schedule And Side Information


Nix's Nuzlocke is now back, but also with some changes.

It will be on a biweekly schedule with updates happening on Mondays.
(The next scheduled updates from when this is posted will be Dec 14th, Dec 28th, and Jan 11th.)

This is due to the fact that I'm working on several other projects now as well and wish to avoid burning myself out.
Hopefully this will also allow me to put out more high quality pages.

I also post updates and news on my Tumblr and compile pages in (usually) three-page parts on my DA.

By the way, one of these projects include a webcomic I am doing with my friend, Bunnerz, called Zombiegirl!
You can find Zombiegirl on Tumblr, Tapastic, and Comicfury